Booklet to France

I would like a quote for to produce a booklet the same format than an international passport. The document that I want to produce is not an official passport but a booklet¬†looking like a “holiday”¬†passport¬†recording tourist sites visits in France. it is necessary absolutely that the cover of my booklet resembles the cover of a true passport (thickness).

Concerning the booklet, I do not have a prototype to provide you.
size & requirements:
– page size 12.5 cm of height/ 9 cm large.
– number of pages : 40 pages cover included
– colour of cover: Pantone 19-1940 TPX
– for the design of cover: Please find attached the design of the cover (2 first pictures): front page : 1st picture / cover back : 2nd picture
– background of pages : please find attached the design as following/order pictures.
Please can you give me a quote for these quantities with the delivery included.
– 1000 pcs.
– 2000 pcs.