Board Mounted Books

I have designed a children’s book and am investigating the possibility of self-publishing. The book is a 12 page board book, full colour with a glossy finish. The size is 15cm x 15cm plus spine. Although we have made a mock up of the book, we have little idea of how this would translate to manufacturing on a larger scale. I have outlined a number of queries that initially spring to mind below and wondered if you would be kind enough to help with the answers.

1. What are the print run sizes that you offer for board mounted books and associated unit cost per print run?
2. Is 15cm x15cm a standard size, if not what sizes are available (including page thicknesses)?
3. Would we supply a print ready PDF for printing?
4. What is the typical payment schedule e.g upon completion or upfront deposit remainder upon delivery or other?
5. How many proofs are provided and is there a limit on alterations before going to print?
6. Is manufacture to European (EN 71) and American standards (ASTM) a standard feature or extra expense?
7. What is the typical turnaround time from placing the order?
8. Is sustainable card available and if so is there a price difference between sustainable and non?
9. Do you offer printing using Soy ink and if so is there an associated cost?
10. Would shipping to the UK be included in the cost and in what format are books shipped e.g batches of 50 or larger?
11. Is shipping to a UK residential address available?

I’m sure there are many things that I have not considered and if you are able to advise it would be very much appreciated. I thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you.