Applications of Chipboard Carton

A chipboard carton is also another means of packaging. It is normally used for lightweight packaging.The chipboard carton is made up of solid bleached sulphate, recycled paperboard and unbleached Kraft paperboard. The solid bleached sulphatechipboard is a fully bleached fiber. This gives rise to the clean solid white paper.The surface is usually smooth and favorable to high quality print. Due to its chemical formulation and high density, it can be cut to make great looking boxes for consumers.

Solid bleached sulphate is also used in high-end packaging where printed image and quality are very important. The chipboard carton can be used in a variety of applications like stationery folding cartons, apparelboxes, gableboxes, stationery set-up cartons, white gift boxes, reversed and straight truck folding boxes and mailers. The chipboard carton is also effective in partitioning of small and rigid boxes. It is also used in food packaging to protect the taste of the food stuff, in health and beauty packaging, pharmaceuticals packaging, frozen food, and in non-consumer type applications.

1. Apparel boxes

This is boxes used for storing and packaging ofclothes. They can be wrapped or used as gift boxes. This apparel boxes are perfect for various clothing’s for the adults and children. Some of the clothes are shirts, ties, pants, coats and sweaters. Apparel boxes are made of studier and thicker chipboard carton. This makes them more durable hence maintaining their shape. They come in a variety of sizes depending on what one wants to put inside or whatthey contain. Some are rectangular, square or even round in shape. They also have several finishes like white, glosswhite, embossed with alligator print and tinted.

2. Gamble boxes

Gamble boxes are also used in any kind of product. They are most suitable for edibles of any are used in both confectionery items and fast food. The gambles boxes are also used to grab people’s attention mostly when one is new in the market. Apart from the mentioned uses, it is also effective in decoration of specials events like christmass,wedding and festival to give your dear ones gifts(gift box).when they are designed properly, the always become source of attention especially in ceremonies.

Generally, chipboard carton has a variety use as stated above. They are widely used in the market for packaging purposes. When it comes to decorations, gamble boxes are usually the best because they attract people’s attention fast. This is so because they are not often used as in the case of apparel boxes.