A new look at the Chipboard carton

The word chipboard carton might be a little confusing to a new comer in the packing industry.  In real sense these are products that have been used since time immemorial.  The only difference is that they vary in weight, size and length.  They have all along been preferred because of their inexpensive nature and the fact that they are easily available.   Because they are made of easily available materials, they are easier to source compared to other modes of packaging material.   They are mainly found in brown and white but with the advent of technology it is now easier to have them laminated.

The Chipboard carton is a preferred mode of packing as they are easier to design according to different customers’ needs.  They are so common around us and one does not have to look further to know what these really are.  Products like cereal, and toothpaste just to name a few boasts of their packaging.  A walk down the store will give you a clear glimpse of the kind of cartons that don our homes and supermarket shelves.   The story behind their existence is quite interesting; they are made from chips of different woods that are of no value on many occasions.

The use of Chipboard carton presents many benefits as they come cheap, are easily degradable, are durable and is made to withstand different weather conditions.  On most occasions they are assembled together when being used.  They are also easy to store as they are made to lay flat thereby taking very little space.  Since they are not delicate other products can be comfortably stored above them if there is less space.  Chipboard carton are known to be stable and make very good shipping material.  Because they come in different sizes shippers easily identify with them.

When using them for shipping, since they stand straights goods normally reach their destination in the required state without any damage if at all.  Many of the Chipboard carton in the market are made on order and manufacturers top the list of those who use these on a day to day affair.  Apart from using them for shipping products, they are used for storage purposes around homes or offices.  They also come quite handy when moving houses or items from one place to another.  The fact that they are thin, light and versatile makes them a preferred mode of storage amongst both small and large businesses.