5 reasons why you should outsource printing works to China

5 reasons why you should outsource printing works to China

Looking to outsource printing China Works? Read on…

The new age world has now become comfortable with the idea of a lot of manufacturing work being outsourced to China. But off late, printing has also come to be outsourced to China. It will not take long to for China to become known as center of “printing” given the rate of growth of printing outsourcing in this country. As per the latest report of the Rochester Institute of Technology, 49% of U.S. printers had lost their business to a foreign player. You will be surprised to know that from those, 57% of the jobs were outsourced to China, and the rest to Mexico, Canada, Europe, and India. Printing may range from brochure printing to leaflets and even book printing.

Things To Look Out For Before You Outsource Printing To China:

There are a number of things that need to be checked before you go forward with your outsourcing assignment. Be it China or any other country, companies should bear in mind their responsibility to the environment. The quality of the ink that is supposed to be used in brochure printing or book printing should be checked to ensure that the lead content in them is at its least. This may lead to an increase in the cost of manufacturing but it will ensure a low risk of health of the Chinese workers and also of the environment at large.

Companies should also keep in mind the lack of jobs in their own countries due to this outsourcing and also take into account the delay in meeting deadlines, which maybe caused by travel hazards.

Reasons Why China Has Grown To Become a Big Name In Outsourcing Of Printing:

Despite fears there are a number of reasons which has propelled China to have captured the outsourcing market in printing. Three such reasons are enlisted below:
1) Like any other form of outsourcing, printing outsourcing is also based on the golden principle of lower costs of manufacturing.

2) Lower costs of manufacturing bring with it a number of other factors, like abundant availability of cheap labor and low quality of ink or technique used.
3) Factors like these keep the manufacturing costs at minimum and increase the profits of the outsourcing company. Since China with its vast population is able to provide these necessities to the printing industry, printing is being readily outsourced to China. Right from brochure printing to book printing everything is duly undertaken in China.

Although China is strong as a world power, it does require some help with its increasing population and economy. So it has readily accepted the prospect of emerging printing outsourcing projects to employ its population!