LongPack is closed during 1-7 Oct due to National Day Holiday

LongPack is closed during 1-7 Oct. due to National Day Holiday here in China.

We will be back to work again from 8th Oct.

Our production people will start to work from 4th Oct.

If you have a current job under production and you need an urgent reply regarding status etc, please contact your normal contact person by email or mobile. If you can not reach your contact person, please contact our sales manager Joseph. His contact can be found at https://www.longpack.comk/contact

For urgent quotations or questions, please also contact Joseph. Thank you.

Business Trip to Australia and New Zealand

We will soon travel to Australia and New Zealand in Nov this year to visit our current and potential clients.

Australia has been one of our most important export market. We normally visit our clients once a year over there. Of course, Europe and USA has also been important for us. We will be visiting Sydney and Melbourne this year.

We will be in Auckland for one week to visit our new friend Peter, who has visited us in August. Peter would like to introduce his contacts to longpack for cooperation. So that means we will have 10-15 business meetings with about 10-15 potencial clients over there.