Comic Book Printing

We are now working with a company that specialises in graphic novels for schools with the following spec.
Comic Book – 64pp + cover, no flaps
240 x 170
Cover: Superfine High Bulk 270gsm (NO FLAPS) Printed 4 colour process both sides, Spot UV and bar coded
Text: Gloss Art 130gsm Printed 4 colour process both sides
Cover creased
Trimmed and folded to 240 x 170
Perfect bound on short edge
Barcode to back cover – no charge

Production of Quiz Game

1. Foldbale Game Board
495*495mm 4/0C printing.  Normally we use printed paper with lamination+2.5mm board+1 sheet unprinted black art paper for the board.
2. Board box:
It should be 3mm board to make it good quality.
3. 2 Small box for playing cards:
Normally we use common playing card box like 300gsm paper.
4. Playing cards:
250gsm matt paper, 4/4c printing
Do you need machine varnish to protect printing surface?
Some common card is just printed, if you need it looks nice and playing longer, varnish is a good option.
Do you also need the card to be round cornered or just in square?
5.  1 sheet of rules
Normally it printed on 80gsm offset paper in black. Please confirm you need 300gsm silk which is a bit over quality?
7. Divider Room:
For your small quantity, paper is much cheaper than plastic since tooling fo plastic is very expensive.
Normal quality is 400gsm paper and high quality is white corrugate divider room.
Which option you prefer?
8. Accessory:
We will give you a price for whole set which including dice(6 face dice), common color token and 12 counters.
9. Finishing:
We shall use plastic shrinkwrap 2 decks of cards and whole set of game box.
Please let me know how many pcs to fit into 1 carton for delivery? Normally we make 6~10pcs/carton.
We make board game for South Africa Market, Australia Market and some children gift packs to Sweden, Norway & Finland.