Newspaper Printing to Netherlands

We are a monthly newspaper publisher based in the Netherlands. We would like to know if it’s possible for your company to print our newspaper for us. If so, we can send you all the necessary details for your quotation.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Books Printing to New Zealand

I have started up a business in New Zealand and looking for a company to print books on demand in China. To give you a brief outline of the type of business – I have designed a range of children’s books on line. There is a standard template with graphics and text included which will be the template for each book printed, however, each customer will add photos and additional txt to personalize their book so it’s a “one of”!

Once the customer has completed their own book, I will send a PDF file to you for printing. So in terms of ordering, it will be as each customer finishes their project and is ready to place an order but the quantities would only be between 1-3 copies per order.

Size wise, I would be looking at a A4 landscape, perfect bound, 35 pages up to aprox 50 variable. However, I would look at a square size of aprox 240 x240 or slightly smaller if there was a considerable price difference.. Paper would be approximately 150gsm inside and a cover of 250gsm in a Neo Satin type finish. Colour throughout.

Is this a book your could print and if so what sort of cost, time and shipping would I be looking at to New Zealand.