Game Boxes are getting popular

We are working on the following project.
1000, 1500, and 2000 games
Two piece card box (top and bottom) – 11.5″ Wide x 8″ High x 1 3/4″ Deep
Number of colors on card box bottom: NO COLOR
Number of colors on card box top: 4 Color Process
Total number of cards per game: 225
Corners of cards will be round.
Cards will be 2.5″ Wide x 3.5″ High
There will be three sets of cards per game – Set 1: 150 cards,  Set 2: 50 cards,  Set 3: 25 cards
Set 1: printed 1 color on front (common design on each card in the set) and 1 color on back (different design on each card in the set)
Set 2: printed 1 color on front (common design on each card in the set) and 1 color on back (different design on each card in the set)
Set 3: printed 1 color on front (common design on each card in the set) and 1 color on back (different design on each card in the set)
1 flat page printed in black on both sides – 8 1/2″ Wide x 11″ Long
Pad size: 8 1/2″ Wide x 11″ Long
Number of Pages: 30
Glued on short side
Each page printed on one side in 1 black

Business Folders

Business Folders or Presentation Folders is one of core areas.

We are right now working on the following specification from our client in Australia.

Document Trim Size A4 527mm X 421mm

Paper Stock:
265 g UV-coated card stock. Printed full-bleed, die-cut, folded and glued from a single sheet. Two glued pockets. Business card slit and reinforced sides.

Cookbook Printing Ideas

When considering the gifts that you would like to give during the coming year, why not consider a cookbook printing of a book with all of the family’s favorite recipes included? Many people find themselves at one person’s house or another, and you always hear them asking one another for the recipe for this or that because they liked it so well.

Cookbook printing is really not all that expensive and you can consider taking it a step beyond just passing them out to friends and family and putting the book on the market for sale and turning your project into a profitable venture. A cook book can be as simple as a book full of pages laid out much the same way as a recipe card is, or it can be more sophisticated and include full color pictures of some of the recipes that are being presented in their prepared form.

The completed book is really only limited to your imagination since cookbook printing is everyday business for companies like LongPack Printing Company. These companies make printing in China a worthwhile venture with the saving realized alone. If you are interested in cookbook printing then you need to contact LongPack Printing for a consultation.

Commercial Printing Services

Commercial printing involves printing anything that a potential customer or an existing client will have a look at. It is generally an advertisement, or advertising disguised as product packaging or something of that nature. LongPack Printing Company is one that can produce your commercial printing projects in a timely manner, with quality as their first priority.

The company prides itself on being able to produce products such as odd shaped boxes, ring binders, presentation folders and all sorts of other commercial printing projects. They also work to help you to maximize every dollar you spend on commercial printing.

When it comes to things such as marketing materials and brochures, you can order a print job and rest assured that the finished product that you receive is exactly what you envisioned from the start.

LongPack Printing makes good use of all the latest printing technology and Pantone colors ensuring that your project turns out absolutely perfect. The huge variety of different commercial printing services offered by LongPack is enough alone to make printing in China worth your careful consideration when selecting a printing company to produce the finished product.

Commercial Printing in High Demand

Commercial printing services are still in high demand despite the advances we have seen in technology over the years. The primary reason for this is because users are still unable to achieve the level of sophistication available with today’s web presses and other specialized equipment.

Take product packaging for instance. Because this is a specialized area, it’s a task not easily undertaken by a layperson. You in fact need to hire a professional to handle this type of work for you such a LongPack Printing Company in China. There are very few printing companies that specialize in specialized paper box printing, gift bag printing and other such printing projects.

Another consideration when thinking about commercial printing is how budgets have been slashed across the board in the current economic climate. Outsourcing your commercial printing to China can save your company a great deal of money. This is certainly something that should not be taken lightly since the realized savings can be put towards other printing projects, or even applied to another line item in your budget that has suffered these cuts.

LongPack can help you make these important decisions and show you other areas in which you can save with all of your commercial printing projects.