Book printing & production – a layman’s guide

Book printing and production is a very common activity these days as numerous books are written, bought, read, and distributed. Starting from curriculum books, to books on management, fiction, and general knowledge to name a few several categories of books need to be produced and printed. Manufacturers might make trade and reference books, which include monochrome and multicolor books, coffee table and art books, and children books. Another type of books is the thin Paper products, which include religious literature, dictionaries, and directories.

An organization might go in to get a number of books printed. They have to find out about the different companies that are able to offer this book printing solution. Choose a company that has some strength to display. The press should have the capability to handle multiple customers as this means they are more reliable. The hardware and software that the press is using should be modern and upgraded to latest ones. The new technologies in printing should be used in the press to print the books. The press should be a 24 hour service. Some manufacturers have weekly meeting for continuous improvement of processes and this is appreciable when you are choosing someone to print thousands of books to distribute.


This is the process before the book printing is done in mass. High end scanners are used to obtain color accurateness and exactness. The workstations are provided with high end systems that help retouching, color correction, and manipulation with high level of accuracy. The machines have huge amounts of RAM and hard disk space which is useful for the book printing. Copy dot scanners are used to produce digital equivalent of the book. Electronic imposition can be used too impose digital files through software as per the planned work and produce single flat as output. This leads to accuracy, fast work, and customers’ satisfaction is ensured. The computer to plate capacity should be good. Digital proofing printers are capable of printing as per the printing standard required. The book manufacturer should use good color management systems for maintaining color consistency and standards. Some book printing jobs might go through “Renderview remote proofing”. Customers are able to approve proofs from remote locations. Some presses have flatbed machines that can be used for wet proofing.


Web presses, Sheetfed presses, and Perfectors are used in the printing of books. “Sheetfed presses” are of different sizes. Here the printing is on different sheets of paper individually fed into the machine. The Sheetfed press might comprise of multiple print units and each prints a different color of ink. “Web presses” are economic when you have a huge number of book printing to be done. The printing is on large rolls of paper rather than on individual sheets of paper. The “Perfectors” are flatbed presses where the printing is done on either sides of the sheet in a single operation and this is useful. Web presses are fastest, then the sheet presses, and the Perfectors are the slowest among the presses.

Post Press

Cutting, folding, collating, and sewing are all activities that are done in the post press phase of the book printing. UV varnish, spot varnish, aqueous varnish, film lamination, hot foil stamping, embossing, creasing, die cutting, and index cutting are some finishing services of the book printing solution. Some other finishing services are gliding, folding, sewing; saddle stitching, tipping and gathering, wire-o binding, spico binding, spiral binding, micro perforation, and silk screen printing.

Ring binder production

What Exactly Is A Ring Binder?

Ring binder is a type of file that has a hard cardboard cover on both sides to serve as a top-cover. The cover and the pages inside the ring binder are held together by a series of rings. Ring binder production is carried on by the companies associated with book printing. A separate factory may not be set up for printing of ring binders only. In U.S and other western countries ring binder is essentially a type of file.

Ring Binder Files As An Element Of Fashion:

Nothing today is bereft of fashion. Whatever you carry, be it your bag or your accessories, your laptop or even your ring binder they should be in sync with your overall appearance. Ring binders are used to get a place earlier only inside offices, but nowadays they are a part of the retro fashion element. Hence a variety of ring binders are being made a part of book printing houses also. Starting from the conventional cardboard covers to leather and even hand made paper covers have become quite popular with the young generation now.

Personalized Ring Binders:

Book printing houses are taking an active interest in creating interesting covers for the different kinds of ring binders that are in demand today. You can have personalized ring binder files printed from the book printing companies with your company logo on it or some special pictures and messages on it. You can also opt for colorful binder covers that are re-usable and replaceable. You can change it according to your dress color or maybe the occasion to which you are carrying it. If it is a formal office meeting then you better stick to neutrals like black or brown, while if it is a casual out of office meet with some client then you opt for more lighter shades of blue or yellow.

Ring Binding Techniques:

The pages are punched into two holes by a paper punching machine and then they are slid into the spiral clamps or the rings to have them filed in one place. The spiral binding files need to be maintained a little. Once you get them from the book printing outlets you need to keep the metal clamps away from water, so that they are not infected by rust. If the outside cover is made of leather then it has to be polished from time to time to maintain its glaze. If the outside cover is made of hand made paper then care has to be taken to keep it away from water and oily substances; as it will be difficult to remove the stain from over it.

If you are planning an office conference or a meeting then this time go for an order of ring binder files in bulk. This change will be better than the usual leaflets used at such gatherings. You can source these ring binder files from the various book printing outlets. If purchased in bulk you will also be able to get some discounts on the whole order.

Magazine Printing Production

Organizations can outsource their magazine printing production to a company who is providing magazine printing solutions. The magazine can be obtained in different formats e.g. PDF file from the customer. Alternatively the customer can give the contents of the magazine on any device or media and the magazine printing company can prepare the PDF for the magazine. These days for magazine production, the common processes are Heat set web offset, sheet fed offset, and Roto Gravure.

Graphics and multi part displays have to be printed on the paper before the folding process starts. All kinds of magazines can be produced. Large format magazines, health food magazines, cultural magazines, US format magazines, European format magazines, entertainment magazines, and technical magazines are few of the types of magazines that might be required by the customers.

Most magazines printing production companies will encourage document file transfers using FTP. Modern technologies would be used and these make the magazine printing convenient, quick to use, and less expensive. Reliability of the content transferred is also available. In the prepress process a sample of the magazine will be digitally printed and then verified from the customer. Then offset printing or digital printing is chosen during the magazine printing process. For numbers greater than 1000, offset printing is cost effective. If the number of magazines produced is less than 1000 then it is cost effective to print them digitally. The web offset printing process for printing the magazines is quite effective and is being used for the production of magazines.

The magazine printing production unit should work with vendors who follow sound environment practices. Many magazines are printed using recycled paper and this is useful initiative for the world. Paper manufactured without the use of chlorine is also very useful for the magazine production. The use of vegetable based inks should be encouraged for the printing process.

Printers will not print till the edge of the page. If the picture on the computer is such designed that it goes beyond the page by quarter of an inch, then the printer will print till the edge of the page. This is called full bleed printing and here the image extends to the edge of the page as required on various pages of the magazine. The software used to design the image that contains both text and image will allow designing using bleeds and this will lead to the magazine having an enhanced look.

For making the file containing the content and graphics of the magazine certain points are to be kept in mind. Use PostScript fonts. Send the screen and printer fonts with the job for page layouts and graphics to the printing press organization. Define all colors properly and consistently. All unused colors should be deleted. All unnecessary pages should be deleted. The document page size should be built to final page trim. Allow space in the margin for drill or punch as will be required. On the pages it is best to avoid using tiny type and tiny graphics elements. The type should be aligned using tabs and the space bar should not be used. Use at least 10 point type and delete any unused sheets.

Magazine production is a lucrative business!

Brochure printing production

A Brochure or a pamphlet is a small sheet of paper with advertisement on it regarding a place of visit or any products or services that you may be interested in buying. Brochure printing production is quite common and popular. A brochure generally consists of a single page or a single sheet folded up in two or three parts. Brochure printing production include production of travel brochures, fashion brochures, study brochures to brochures regarding a variety of topics.

Utility Of Brochures:

Brochure printing production requires a proper factory with a printing setup to produce brochures in bulk. The main purpose of brochure printing production is that of advertising. This advertising can range from information regarding travel to health to educational institutions and a whole range of other things. These brochures can also be spiced up with pictures and website details. Especially if it is a travel brochure, then pictures go a long way in giving a general idea regarding the place, where to stay and which places to visit. Pictures on any kind of brochures give them a pretty look and instantly arouse interest among the people reading them.

Brochure Printing Production Costs:

Brochure printing production costs depend a lot on the paper used to make the brochure as well as the quality of pictures used on it. There is also the cost of hiring content writers to develop the content on the brochures regarding the various topics. Further there is also the design of the brochures that has to be decided upon. These brochures can be a single sheet one or a bi-fold, tri-fold or even a manifold one. The folds may be a simple cascading one or even a stylish diagonal one in Z-shape or even C-shape.

Hand-made Brochures:

Keeping in mind the benefit of the environment and also to be a little different, some of the organizations or production houses invest in hand-made brochures or in brochure printing on hand-made paper. Hand made paper is eco-friendly. But the cost of production of per piece of brochure printing can go up considerably. If it is a small event, may be your garage sale or the tuition class that you are planning to give at your backyard then you can design and create your own flyer or brochure without taking the help of printing houses.

There are a number of manufacturing units that engage in brochure printing in bulk. If you are looking for something exclusive then you better pick up something from a special brochure printing outlet. You can even have them personalized as per your choice. A unique brochure will go a long way in reaching your information to others.

So next time you plan to advertise your garage sale or the sale of your old bicycle or even rent out a room in your house then do think of getting brochures printed to make your sales effective.

Machineries for producing paper products

There is a huge demand for paper boxes and paper gift bags. The packing industry has a huge requirement for these paper boxes made from paper, cardboard, corrugated paper, and laminated paper. The value of the gift is enhanced by the looks of the paper gift bags used to carry the gifts.

For these paper bags to be produced in huge numbers various kinds of machines are available. The paper bag making machine is designed to make in huge numbers of flat and satchel paper bags of different sizes from craft paper, greaseproof, and poster paper. The operation of the machines is very simple and fast. Not much training is required to use these machines. The machines can come with different size plates and different size gears to make paper gift bags of various sizes. There is a calculation to calculate the width of the paper reel to be fed on the machine which is fairly simple. The required size of the bag is arranged on the machine by choosing the right size plate for the flat or satchel bags and the length of the bag required by changing the gear wheel size. Sometimes a printing attachment is attached to this paper bags making machine for creating lovely prints on the paper bags.

The boxes might require laminated paper. Laminator machines are being used to produce laminated paper fast. The laminator is very flexible and mounts the top litho sheets to single face. The laminator comes with quick set up feature. The laminator has automated the process and made the paper box making procedure very convenient and quick. Laminators are used for lamination of corrugated cardboard to paper board and paper board to paper board. Laminators have the feature of automatic feeding of bottom sheet and normal front feeding of top sheet. Controlling the lamination precision is possible due to the flexible front gauge positioning. Labels can be printed using the labeling laminator. Normally it is found that laminators are easy to use and they have great ability to control adhesive, and help the mass production of paper box.

Die cutting machines are also being used for mass production of paper boxes as they are capable of producing the paper box that has been designed on the die cutter. Some manufacturers are using die cutting machines for creasing and punching card board and corrugated paper sheet. These die cutters used in paper box manufacturing are helping to speed up the process. More number of boxes can be produced and very quickly. Adequate precautions are taken to prevent the die cutters of deviating from original designs when under pressure. The paper box manufacturers can use box stitching machines to accurately and neatly stitch the paper boxes. This might be required for the boxes that are going to carry some weight. Stitching can be a design element for the gift boxes.

The paper box manufacturers are also using the “paper box angle pasting machine”. The machine is a single arm pressing device. It has a temperature controller with digital display to make boxes under controlled temperatures and for the benefit of the machine. The machine has the feature of adjusting the vertical and deep angles of the box corners and this can be done randomly. The feature of turning over the box by hand might be there and this can be used for boxes of various designs. The feature to paste the corners of the paper box with hot melt adhesive tape helps complete the box.

This article has covered some machines used to produce paper bags and paper boxes!