2010 Tool & Parts Catalog to 28210, USA

2010 Tool & Parts Catalog Specifications: Size: 8.375″ x 10.875″ bleeds Pages: 900 Stock: Cover: Environment Cover 80lb Text: No4 Velvet Web 50lb Process: Cover: 6/6 2 hits white opaque 4/4 gloss spot varnish Text: 4/4 Quantity: 7500 main version 2500 non price verion black plate change only Shipping: 2300 to zip code 52806 all main version 2200 to zip code 28210 all main version reminder to zip code 28269 Please let me know if have mailing capabilities. If yes – you would have to mail the 2200 catalog destinated to go to Zip 28210 For this I would need a mailing cost estimate including postage.