Hardbound Book Printing

Hardbound book printing is one of our best areas. The hardbound cover cloth (like a text book or novel), leather (like a journal) or printed and laminated (like a photo or art book). These hardbound books have end sheets that help adhere the text pages to the inside of the cover.

Coupon Book Printing

Coupon book printing is also part of our printing business. Coupon works as voucher, which can be bound inside of the book or magazine. These coupons can be a bit wider than the normal magazine pages, so that the receivers can easily notice these coupons.  But the labor involved will be much more than coupons of the same size as the magazines. It depends on your printing budget.

Art Book Printing from China

We are excited to announce that we can also print art book! Art book requires very high standard of photo effects. Due to the hard work of our works in the workshop, we can adjust color effect in a professional way. This is true that printing is sometime like baking bread, the color effect will never be 100% the same for each run. Normally, minus plus 10% is acceptable.

Here is the art book specification.

Cover: 2mm board with dark blue art paper, 1c inside

Interior: 200gsm super smooth matt paper, 100pp,  4/4c, 210*285mm

Cover: embossed in silver title, illustration & logo

350gsm matt dust jacket with 80mm flap, 4/0C, matt lamination outside

Silver ribbon book mark & paper book mark

Shrink wrap packing