Brochures Printed and Delivered within 3 days

We got a brochure printing assignment recently. The client from Singapore asked us to deliver within 3 days from giving the artwork to deliver to their address in Shanghai. We were very proud to announce that we made it! This Singaporean client is mutilnational consulting firm who needs these handouts for their meetings in Shanghai. But they have not finished their artwork until 3 days before the meeting began. We prepared out printing machines to be ready once their artwork became available, and thanks to the good cooperation between our client and us, we made this happen.

Paper Gift Box for Christmas 2009

We are now working with a client in Netherlands on a project of paper gift box for Christmas 2009. Although economic crisis has slowed down the printing business in general, we can also see some very creative ideas may general good result. We hope this project goes smoothly and bring good revenues for our client.