Cloth Books from China

We are currently making cloth books for a client in Europe. Normally, cloth books are used for babies or children under the age of 3. Thus EN71 is needed for this purpose. Apart from that, usually, washable pens should go with these cloth books.

We have a good washable pen supplier who can supply also washable pens. But now this is high season, washable pens delivery time is around 3 weeks.

We welcome all baby cloth book designers to contact us to see the possibility of having your cloth books made in China.

Printing Materials to Germany

On behalf of my client, I think of production of our printing materials from China.

Can you please quote for the following specifications?

Size: 210x297mm

Cover: 4p, Content: 72p

Cover: 250gsm gloss coated pager, gloss lamination

Content: 105gsm matt coated paper

Bound: softcover or hardcover (pls quote both)

Quantity: 1000, 5000, 10,000

Book Printing to Mexico

I would know to know please, the quotation for a book of 660 pages, and the following sizes:

Lenght: 29 cm

widht: 22 cm

thickness: 5cm

hard cover

You can find the shape of book on the image attached.

In order to printing in China, what’s the minimun order to print run?

And also, I would like to ask you this info:

1. Costs for Making of cover (cover formation)

2. Costos for Bookbinding, cover printing

3. Cost for page printing