Bleed Through

One of the main concerns for making good science educational books is “bleed-through”, that is, how much of the page on the other side is visible.
We have seen very good science educational books been ruined by the huge amount of bleed-through which makes it harder to read pages. Every educational book has some amount of bleed-through. To completely eliminate it is not practical since pages would have to be either very thick or one would have to use very expensive paper with high opacity.
So, the concern is the degree of bleed-through. How much of the text and art on the opposite side is shown through? Should you have good answers, or what to know how we can deal with it, please ask us.

Shanghai Printing Company

Being a Shanghai printing company means you will have to deal with almost highest laobr cost in China. According to the lastest statistics, the labor cost in Shanghai is amongst top 3 in China.

There are more than 24 million people in Shanghai. And many of them come to Shanghai from their home cities looking for better paid jobs in Shanghai. For example, in our factory, many workfloor workers come outside of Shanghai. Luckily, most of them feel Shanghai is their home after working many years with our printing factory. Some are printing machine operators, some are paper cutters, some are doing paper binding jobs, and some work in the office for the printing files, or other related areas.

Although coming from different places, we are a big family taking care of each other. Now we have some new employees who had bachelor or even masters degrees in the printing related majors. This is helping us to improve technically in the printing business. With our efficiency rates improved, we can do more printing jobs or better printing jobs within a limited time compared to before. This improvement is saving us money and giving us room to pay more to our dear employees. Our management team have also been improved. With English-speaking printing professionals joins our management, longpack started to export to the whole World from the year of 2007. Now we have more than 100 happy clients in US, Europe, Australia, etc. totalling about 40 different countries. This is a big improvement in terms of the diversity of our clients. This is because different clients from different countries have quite different demands and neends. By working closely with them, we have more and more information of other printing areas from the other parts of the world. With these more than 100 clients, we became very comfortable and confident now in providing satisfactory printing and packaging solutions to our clients. Many of our clients come from the areas like graphic design. Although we have in-house graphic designers, but compared to their high standards of design, our designers have much to learn. For some smaller companies, our in-house graphic designers can meet the basic needs of their designing requirements. And we are looking forward to working with more and more designers wordwide to fullfill their designs into production.

All in all, although the cost in Shanghai is high for a printing factory, if we can improve our efficiency and managment, we still have chances to complete nationwide and worldwide.

Magazine Printing to Nigeria

The Directors of our company have approved the establishment of a consumer magazine and we would love to use your facility. Please kindly supply us with the quote for the printing (including binding) as follows.

The size: 180mm X 220mm maximum (18cm X 22cm).

Number of pages: approximately 250 pages or more.

Number of runs: twice a year.

Binding: Perfect binding.

Please you quote as follows: 1. All gloss paper, full colour. 2. All gloss paper but full colour only for the advert / feature pages (approximately 200 pages involved) and the 50 pages black / white. 3. 200 pages gloss paper and full colour, remaining 50 pages black/white printing on leathery OR bond paper. 4. Full colour, all leathery (skin) paper e.g. the type used in the Times Magazine / House & Home. 5. All bond paper, full colour 6. All bond paper, 200 pages coloured and 50 pages black / white.

Please provide quotes for 450,000 copies, 500,000 copies, 750,000 copies and 1m copies. We are looking forward to doing business with you soonest.

The printing would be either carried out in Nigeria or delivered to our Nigerian office.

Quote for Custom Game Printing

Quote for Custom Game Printing.

We are now working on the quotation of the following game printing project:

Quanitities: 2,000 or 5,000 or 10,000 complete games

Basic Parts:

Each game contains 86 cards, all the same size and shape (3.25 x 4.5 with 5mm rounded corners).

Each game also contains one folded instruction sheet

Here are the specifics:

1. Game box- 128gsm artpaper + 1.3mm greyboard, 3 pieces box, inner box, outer box. 4 color + OPP lamination on the outer box, but no print on the inner box.

2. Question cards- 50 per game, 82.5 x 114.3mm (3.25″ x 4.5″), 250gsm artpaper, round coner (5mm), 4/4c + UV coating.

3. Bottle Cards – 30 per game. 82.5 x 114.3mm (3.25″ x 4.5″), 250gsm artpaper, round corner (5mm), 4/4 + UV coating

4. Instruction sheet – 1 per game. flat size 247.65 x 228.6mm (9.75 x 9″), folded to 82.55 x 114.3mm, 157gsm artpaper, 4/4 + aqeous coating.

5. Hint Credit Cards – 4 per game. 82.5 x 114.3mm (3.25″ x 4.5″), 250gsm artpaper, round corner (5mm), 4/4c + UV coating.

6. Pronunciation Card – 1 per game. 82.5 x 114.3mm (3.25″ x 4.5″), 250gsm artpaper, round corner (5mm), 4/4c + UV coating.

7. Fast Start Card – 1 per game. 82.5 x 114.3mm (3.25″ x 4.5″), 250gsm artpaper, round corner (5mm), 4/4c + UV coating.

8. Inner Carton – 10 units/inner carton, the size is 220x200x150mm, 0.27kg/unit, total 3.74/carton.

9. Master Carton – 4 inner carton/master carton, 470x430x180mm, 16kg/carton.

10. Finishing Notes: print, UV, coat, collate into decks, insert into box and shrink wrap with thick wrap each box.

How to make a Board or Card Game

If you have never made a board game before, maybe you can have a good try by using the experience of one of our clients.

One of our clients in Australia: Go An Ah Play Games, said like this: LongPack, This is the manufacturer of choice for my needs. Joseph Zhou is extremely freindly, careful to get all details correct, responds quickly to emails. The game box’s are hand made to a very high quality. I received a sample (at a cost of $450) of the complete finished product before mass production commences. After I have given approval and paid the 50% first payment, mass production begins. Another sample of the finished product is sent for approval and then 50% final payment is paid. Included: shrink-wrapped boxes, pawns, platform, cards, soft boxes, outer box etc. They do the lot (except the artwork, which you ftp to them). Minimum order 1,000 is a good starting point and there are savings for larger orders.

For details regarding how to make a board or card game, please have a look at:

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