Card Board Game to Hong Kong


480 x 480 mm
stuck on paperboard 1,5 mm, 920 gr.
to fold  to 240 x 240 mm
4/0 full colour
245 x 245 mm
Paperboard type grey 1,2 mm, 770 gr
250 x 250 x 43 mm
Paperboard type grey, 70 gr
4/0 full colour
Playing cards (total appr. 100 cards, 6 versions) (see PDF)
87 x 57 mm
Cardboard 250 gr
4/4 full colour
Round corners
16 mm
Printing colour black (1-6)
Manual A4 fold to A5
110 grs, black 1/1
Ball pawns
6 different colors

Magazines to Belgium and Ethiopia

I published magazines for the tourism sector quarterly. I have other projects as well in the same field. I am interested to get prices quotations for the following products:

1.Magazine of 60 pages; the cover in glossy paper of 170 grams, while the inside pages are glossy paper of 130 grams with perfect binding:Gluing the outside edge of the signatures to create a flat edge, 10,000 copies.
2.Post cards 10,000
3.Playing cards of in a box 54 pieces with mine 54 different pictures, quantity:10,000 piece to 20,000
4.Hard cover photo magazine quantity; 10,000 for 64 pages

Please send me your best for mentioned product as urgent as possible. If  possible shipping cost to Belgium/Europe and Ethiopia/Africa.